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About Us


Five young men Paramjit Singh Bhangu, Harkanwal Singh Baidwan, Gurpreet Singh (Raju Khanna) and Amit Singh Rathi when left university in 1995 woke to the stark reality of their times namely unemployment. These five had many things in common. To begin with they were all jobless. But more importantly, they were all men of initiative, drive, enterprise and innovation. They did not waste their time and energies looking for jobs, rather they pooled their resources, set up Punjland Parivar and started creating jobs instead. Behind their seemingly easy success lay the unshakable faith in their own abilities as well as in the honesty and integrity of their members.
This commonality of circumstance and purpose shared by its creators got so deeply ingrained in the ethos of the Parivar that it still retains its close family like genetic make-up even though it has long since evolved into a much bigger size and has diversified its activities.
It is, however, the vision, acute business acumen and a focused sense of purpose of these five that has brought about the meteoric rise of Punjland Parivar on the Real Estate firmament. Incidentally, these five also constitute the Board of Directors of Punjland Parivar which runs, oversees and coordinates the entire spectrum of the group's business activities.
Another aspect that sets apart Punjland Parivar in a class by itself is the fact that it is not driven by money-making motives alone. The Parivar regularly undertakes philanthropic activities like providing free books, dresses and monetary help to poor and promising students, arranging matrimonies for daughters of poor families, supplying medicine and ration to Old Age Homes and to the victims of natural calamities.
Finally the Parivar is wide-awake to the problems and challenges posed by environmental pollution. So it thoroughly weighs the environmental costs of every project and only undertakes green, eco-friendly projects, which are environmentally safe and viable.
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